Building The Site

Greetings, HnP fans! Your friendly neighborhood JoeVB is here to share some thoughts, so let’s jive!

Thought #1 – As you could probably guess, our website is a fun-tastic work in progress! Feel free to have a look around, and if you have any thoughts on improvements or new content possibilities, let us know! Improv is, after all, a group art form.

Thought #2 – This post is my way of getting familiar with out new online home, so I haven’t got any real exciting news to share. Except that I just ate a bowl of Ramen. Yes, I’m 24 and still eating my fair share of Ramen.

Thought #3 – I was watching Out Of Africa just now (don’t ask, I think my Netflix queue has a mind of its own), and I couldn’t help but notice that the movie Australia that came out a few years ago is…like…the exact same movie! Wtf? Sorry Nicole Kidman, you’re no Meryl Streep.

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