Oooh, ooh, Lindsay Lohan!

I would like to point out that Nicholas Cage has NOTHING on Lindsay Lohan!  Let the tabloids commence!

So Lindsay Lohan missed a court date because she was at Cannes – and get this, she claims she couldn’t fly home because her dad arranged for someone to steal her passport!!!  So a judge, like, totally puts out an arrest warrant on her, which means if she flies home she gets arrested the second she lands – she can’t even go home to get some summer dresses to look cute in prison!  I mean, this country has been really messed up ever since Obama was elected (sorry, didn’t mean to get political!)

So anyway, she gets one of her bff lawyers to post bail for her so she doesn’t need to go to prison, but she’s still at Cannes, so what else is she gonna do?  PARTY!!!  She was out last night until 7:30am, which got her dad super pissed (I was laughing, I never miss a chance to piss my dad off, but LiLo is like the total queen here!) and now everyone’s all “she’s so irresponsible” but hello, Cannes!?  How could you NOT stay out until 7:30am?

Anyway, that’s all for now, I’ll totally update you with the latest Lindsay Lohan news as soon as she updates her Twitter again!

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