Let us talk more about Nicolas Cage!!!! (And post less of Jared’s Facebook Pictures)


Did you know that Nicolas Cage once owned one of the MOST haunted house in the world.  It is true.  He bought the mansion and tried to sell it in 2008.  Here is the story of that VERY MANSION!!!!!! 

In the Mid 1800’s a doctor owned the property and was one of the richest and most respected men of the French Quarter area.  One night during one of the many parties he and his wife would have, the house caught fire.  Well of course the party was simply moved to the court yard and the party continued while the house burned.  

When the fire Department arrived they discovered that a slave who was chained to the stove had started the fire.  They also discovered a number of slaves in the attic.  These slave had undergone torture and surgical experiments.  One report claimed a female slave actually had male genitalia attached to her body.  

The doctor and he wife fled the country and the house was boarded up.  The residents recounted hearing screaming and moaning coming from the grounds for weeks after the event.  In the 1900s the house was sold and remodeled.  During the remodeling process a number of skeletons were found between the walls and floor boards of the house.  They were former slaves that had been in the house and starved since the fire.  That was the screaming and moaning residents heard. 

When Cage bought the property he only spent one night there before boarding it up and trying to sell it.  

What a rich and horrifying history we have.

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