Vabs’ Weekend Wisdom: LNB

This week’s weekend wisdom could save your life.

When having a night on the town, and a large amount of alcohol has been consumed, nothing helps you get through the next day like a Burrito at 3 am (Late Night Burrito – LNB).  Trust me this will save your life one day…

But remember, not all burritos are equal…  Finding favorite late night places around the city will be the best life boat and allow you to eat with friends and then head home to sleep it all off.

My rules are:

  1. Steak – Chicken at 3 am just doesn’t give you what you need late night
  2. No Rice – You don’t need that filler taking up precious space in your flour tortilla
  3. Always eat it with a knife and fork – Even at 3 AM you can still be civilized – think about it – you’ve been out late night where have your hands been…

What do you like on your burrito?

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