Remember The AIM Day

I can remember a time when people weren’t just people. You didn’t get a picture of their face… there wasn’t even a book of faces. There was AIM. AOL Instant Messenger… This culture phenomenon was the more popular World War 2 to the simple innocent chatrooms of World War 1 and the disagreeable Viet Nam of Facebook. There was no science to how you got your screen name. Your favorite band… your favorite icecream… a random number. There were the away messages, meaning that someone was always there. And of course, the dinging message noise. It meant that someone had taken time out of their day to send you a joke, write you an emo poem, or an update on homework and how it sucked. Its where we got terms like ROFL, TTFN, OMG, and of course, LOL. Today… we remember these pseudonyms. RIP.