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Vabs has apologized, but is it enough?

Vabs’ Weekend Wisdom: Mother Nature

Here’s a bit of wisdom that I picked up this week during the Chicago Blizzard of 2011.

( E. Jason Wambsgans, Chicago Tribune / February 2, 2011 )

DO NOT Challenge Mother Nature when snow is involved! (see blizzard challenge)  I was brash and young enough that the weathermen predict and control the weather.  I want to let you all know that this is not the case.  I believe it to be a higher power – Mother Nature.  When you challenge her to a duel you better be ready to reap the consequences.  I did and lost.

This is my formal apology to the city of Chicago for my brash statements last week.  I am sorry for causing the Chicago blizzard of 2011 the third worst blizzard in Chicago History.  I promise next time I will choose my words carefully.

I hope everyone in the Chicago and Chicagoland area has it in their heart to forgive me.

Chicago Blizzard Beware

As Chicago gears up for one of the worst blizzards since Jan 2, 1999…  I think to myself -how often are weatherpeople right?  I’d say what 50% of the time – especially in the winter – either it’s going to snow or not.   I’d take those odds in Vegas, and I’ll take those odds now.
Hear me Blizzard – I mock you!  Do your worst if you dare, it’s you and me this week (and possibly the city of Chicago)…