NYC, here we… come?

Well, last night was probably THE busiest night of HnP’s life so far.  It involved a three step mission that will potentially end with us being invited to New York City for the Del Close Marathon July 30-Aug 1, which is a NON-STOP improv show from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, put on by the Upright Citizens’ Brigade each year in honor of Del Close, father of modern improv.

Step 1 involved our rehearsal as usual, beginning with some solid character training, followed by us doing scenes while sitting in an improvised car (aka Shotgun, for all you improv nerds reading this).  Highlight of the night was Jared playing a cross between Foghorn Leghorn and Colonel Sanders, with Meg being his dutiful (and equally stutter-y) wife.  It’s not often we do super quirky shows, but when we do them… it’s weird.

Step 2 involved our first formal photo shoot, headed by none other than Mrs. Felicity Vabulas herself!  She’s like our ninja fan, she stealthily enters the scene to watch our shows or take photos, is super supportive and awesome, and then is content to fade back into the ether while we celebrate.  Oh, and she made birthday cupcakes for both Joe and me too, which pretty much makes her my favorite person right now.

I know that Lindsay is our professional photographer (her daily updated photo blog is here) but sadly, she had to perform her Monday night show, Williams and Martinez, during this time.  So we missed you Lindsay, but still… I got cupcakes haha.

Highlight of this phase: Meg growing 4 inches in the heels she borrowed, and then randomly losing her balance since she was so unused to them.

To close the night out with Part 3 we went over our submission for the Del Close Marathon, and I gotta tell you, it was classic Madmen.  We’re sitting around in formal attire, tired and stressed by the end, going over everything we’ve typed up, checking, double-checking, then going back again at the end and doing it all over.  All we were missing was hard liquor.  Next time guys.

So we may very well end up in NYC over the summer, which would be great, as it’s been 3 whole years since I moved from there.  The time really flies, it’s still hard to believe for me sometimes.  I miss my friends out there, and I’d love an opportunity to see them again, and show them why exactly I left.

That’s all for now guys!  If you want to hear the news as soon as we get it, follow us on Twitter or become our Facebook friend.  You’ll get the latest news, or maybe you’ll just get Brian making things up cause he’s in a meeting that’s going way to long.  Either way, it’ll make you LOL at work and your boss will look at you threateningly.

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