Germ Thoughts: The Straw Quandary

I was at a restaurant this past weekend, and I ordered a Coca-Cola, as it was a hot day and I was thirsty.  When it arrived, it already had a straw placed in the drink (see above).

The question I have is… how did the straw get into my drink?  YES, someone, most likely the wonderful server, had to touch the straw with her hands and place it in the drink.  That would mean that when I consume my wonderful Coca-Cola I now consume her illness/sickness/germs.   I know I’m now carrying some  disease, I’m just counting the days until I end up in the hospital.

Please visit me…

4 Replies to “Germ Thoughts: The Straw Quandary”

  1. Joe Von Bokern says:

    I resent this post. At the risk of infecting a customer’s beverage, I NEVER use my cruddy hands to place straws in drinks. I use my nostrils, thank you very much.

  2. Brian Vabulas says:

    But what if the straw comes out without any wrapping… Hummmmm.

  3. Philip Buuck says:

    Why, in that case they give you a disease.

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