Vabs’ Weekend Wisdom: Screams and Smiles

Many apologies for the delay in posting my weekend wisdom.  I was in Virginia this past weekend, visiting my 3 nieces all under the age of 6.  It was so much fun to see how excited (screams and smiles) they were for everything!

–  When I woke up in the morning there was a cheer when I arose from my slumber

–  When they road their bikes around the driveway

–  When I would chase them around the house

–  When we ate Birthday Cake – this was huge – many screams and smiles before and afterward

–  When they listened to music and it became a dance party

It made me appreciate that every day is an adventure and anything that happens can be exciting!  I think if we all looked at everyday in this way we would all be screaming and smiling all day!  I know I’m trying to do it this week.  If you see me, and I scream and smile don’t be surprised…

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