Burritos: A Vabulas Dinner Choice?

Beans, lettuce, cheese...and suspicion.

Do you smell that, folks?

The lingering aroma that’s dancing around the room tickling your olfactory organs isn’t dinner. You’re not getting a tempting sniff of something delicious. Mom isn’t about to serve you a high-piled plate of her home cookin’.

That smell, my friends, is the treacherous fragrance of pure deceit, and it’s emanating from the verbal kitchen of Mr. Brian Vabulas.


If you’ve ever shared more than a couple of cheap beers with Mr. Vabulas, as I have many a time, you’ve probably noticed that he invariably manhandles the evening toward a familiar conclusion: late-night burritos.

“But Skeptic,” I hear you asking me, “what’s wrong with a late night burrito?”

Nothing at all. I enjoy casual Mexican dining as much as the next hombre. But if you were to ask me what restaurant I’d like to go to for said burrito, I’d always give you the same answer: “Whatever’s closest.”

This is where Vabulas blurs (and potentially crosses) the line. With alarming regularity, he will toss out responses like:

“That’s in my top 15.”

“Oooh, Garcia’s is top 5.”

“Top top shmoppity top one billion”

SHOW ME THIS PURPORTED LIST, VABULAS! Has there been scientific research done to back up your claims? A double-blind study, perhaps? Or are you simply throwing around rankings more recklessly than David Letterman?

"You're in the Top 10 things that sicken me, Brian Vabulas."

You know what I think? I don’t think there ever was a list. I think El Vabuloso just likes the sound of his own voice.

Stay skeptical, my friends…

~The Skeptic

3 Replies to “Burritos: A Vabulas Dinner Choice?”

  1. Brian Vabulas says:

    This post is in my top 25….

  2. John Stiens says:

    Can’t… stop… laughing.

  3. Brian Vabulas says:

    John – that comment is in my top 5000…

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