Daily life…

Okay fans,

I figured why not show all of you wondering what one member of H&P does on his/her day off. After waking up at what time I would usually wake up for work, 7 AM, I go to the bathroom, instantly regretting going to Cafe Diner the night before. Apparently 2 bucks for a cheeseburger is too good to be true. I eventually coax myself into going back to sleep, waking up again at 10:43. I then proceed to play the video game “Dead Space” until 4 in the afternoon. I, of course, have a hearty breakfast at noon, a bowl of oatmeal topped with local made honey. I continue to play video games until finally I realize that if I take a shower, my feet won’t be so cold. I order Chinese food, after wikapedia-ing what Dim Sum is. I proceed to learn again that if food costs less then 5 dollars a dish… too good to be true. Then my roommates came home from their day jobs (suckers), we tried to watch “The Mummy” and the dvd wouldn’t play (thanks Netflix), and then ended up writing this senseless piece of literature.

See, We’re just normal people. Just… like… you.

P.S. Never order Chinese food from a place called Furama, just because the name looks like Futurama doesn’t mean it’ll be as good.

2 Replies to “Daily life…”

  1. Katy "Jared's Girlfriend" Jarrette says:

    Furama rescued me from being brutally raped, helped me get counseling for my intimacy issues, and loaned me money and let me sleep on its couch through that crack habit I picked up. So. You know, maybe you want to check things like that out before you just make blanket statements about their food, which is really great.

  2. Jared Swiecicki says:

    You like food, we got food, you come to Furama!

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