Lincoln (Ave) and Kennedy (Meg): A History Mystery

History Mystery

Have a member of Hugs and Pullups explain this — if they can.

– Both bear a striking resemblance to a tall, white, assassinated president (see article below)
– Both have seven letters in their name (and three in the parentheses in this post)
– Both have changed from their original name (Little Fort Road / Marianna)
– Both get rave reviews from yelp!
– Both reluctantly go to Skokie when necessary
– Both have jealousy issues with Halsted
– Both could take on Fullerton in a rumble if it came down to it
– Both simply cannot get enough of dive bars

Now it gets really weird.

– Both began as an Indian trail
– Both were elected Prom Queen in 2002
– Both are a major diagonal thoroughfare of the north side of Chicago
– Both used to have a fish named “Hectic”

– Both totally thought the previous post was about them when they read the title
– Both apparently have a big ego that they thought that
– Both have a show at the de Maat Theatre at Second City tonight at 10:30pm!

– Both realize that the last fact was cheesy, but will type it regardless

2 Replies to “Lincoln (Ave) and Kennedy (Meg): A History Mystery”

  1. Philip Buuck says:

    Meg, your “white girl flashing pseudo-gang sign” should be your headshot. Also on your tombstone.

  2. Meg Kennedy says:

    It’s a burden being so awesome.

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