Hugs and Pullups… The Movie?

Hello everyone,

Sure live performance is amazing. It lets artists create something new every show, and the joy is in finding the humor in the random situation.

But, there is no money in it. AKA, we want a Hugs and Pullups movie. There’s money in licensing, action figures, posters, and of course, box office sales.

Think you could beat the Hugs and Pullups videogame? I think not.

My question to you fans… who would play the members of Hugs and Pullups? Some choices are obvious, like the office’s Rainn Wilson for Vabs, Matthew Broderick for JVB, and for Meg, Morgan Freeman.

Take some time, and help me to put together a cast that would truly represent Hugs and Pullups. I’ll draft the proposal letters and we should get this green lit by 2012.

2 Replies to “Hugs and Pullups… The Movie?”

  1. I have always felt a kindred spirit to Morgan Freeman! People constantly ask if I am a 73 year old black man who narrated Shawshank Redemption.

  2. Philip Buuck says:

    Here’s my picks.

    Philip Buuck played by Meg Kennedy
    John Steins played by Joe von Bokern
    Jared Swiecicki played by Philip Buuck
    Brian Vabulas played by John Steins
    Meg Kennedy played by Brian Vabulas
    Joe von Bokern played by Jared Swiecicki

    and as always, the hanging cat as himself

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